In this section you can find fanfiction, prose and poetry.
Sometimes I do translations, which will also be presented here.

Новые игры Alawar.

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I sang for silence
I'll be back from the other side of the horizon
I'm afraid to say. Worse - don't have time to
The epilogue of lovely lifes
If tomorrow we will not be
Feelings of the physical layer
Colors are gathering in many shades
Aoi yuki (blue snow)
"Today" will be again tomorrow. "Tomorrow" will never happen again
My foolish sketch of happiness
Petals of crystal cage
Cry over the distance
The lonely devil
And in your winter Prague snow and rain spend the night on dozens of roofs
The night before the comment
The man without a Time
Wait for your rebirth
The terrible weakness
Secret thoughts of right nipple
Cherry-colored sky
Stupid spider
Peking Uruha
Midnight. June 20th
When my heart believes
What will you do before I die?
Empty void
Cherish the day
Promise me you'll always be
Final titers
Fireflies on the wicks
The broken vase. Slow motion. Play?
To help to live
When stars burn cold
The serial lovings
Soul is singing in unison with the wind
Wings of plastic butterfly
You're not crazy, you just can not see me!
Forgive me, father...
Not so much perhaps, just how desirable
Human trafficking
And I've been there, and I've shed blood
We are loneliness
Black rain. Shadows of destroyed lives
Angels fall first
Be careful what you wish for...
I'll be back from the other side of the horizon. Beginning
Because I'll die between your arms
Cradle of mirrors
And I've been there, and I've shed blood - 2
The hammer of indifference
Let me be your air
If you hear me
Land of thousands spirits
Among the sounds of obsession
Accompanied by the echo of hitting drops on windows
Escape abroad of possibilities
Ultimate fire
Smoke. Twilight of Gods
Blood and fire. The history of extinct fire
Between pain and nothing
Taste of rotting bones on bleeding gums
And enemy, and friend, and pain, and God
Remains of the black pangolin
Dialogues № 1. "She"
Dialogues № 2. "A variable constant"
Dialogues № 3. "And what's the protest?"
Not turning
Do you know what I loved about you?
Nobody will not know
Give us your hand
Probably, it is very cool...
Why me?
A rose in his left hand
I would like to... I am...
A human tragicomedy
A poet who brought up in the light
Needful delusion
There are those...
Unanswered beeps
Poems were lying on the edge of a new era...
Way of questionable God (In memory of Sid Vicious)
Said. Believed. Happened
He just offended sky
He dreamed to die young
Pieces of lives
So my motherland dies
A poet
As if
An appeal to God
A cross on the dome of commerce
Peace of worlds
A line of questions
We will not be too
Disorder guards
Hall of your glory
By participle in souls
Those who are above
Contact will not be
Over lids
We have no time to have time
Wind erased in the dirt asphalt
Skin and Steel
Other colors
Corrosion of brain, oxidation of souls
The victim - Earth
To Want and to Be
Another unnamed
We are
Climb on the tower of selfishness...
On the stage of life
Don't be afraid, brother!
Dumb way to beast
Messengers of death
Falling down
Dry sea
Dumb way to beast
Emulator of Paradise (cigarette butt and all garbage)
Evil children
Joy without brain
Human factor
Work, people, sell each other
Slaves are dumb
Far, but not ahead
Courses at the institute of unlawful
A hammer of indifference
Drugs and alcohol (feat. Sergey Papin-Sibiryak)
Feelings of the physical layer
Can I kill you?
Spring, don't leave...
Shots of drops
Humorous and ironic lyrics
Mad poet's revelation
Broken new TV
For hometown
I dedicate poems to...
Asphalt near forgotten house
See you in the next life
My spb. ru
I dedicate poems to...
Timid breath
Two sides of one world
I'll draw
Winter again
It is still summer
The instant of forest
I'm autumn
This city is yours and mine
Forgive us, Chernobyl...
Night in the awakened city
Picture of snow
Embroider the city by rain
The song from the secret garden
Sunny summer day
I need only myself
I have a dream
In the music that I write
No! I will die and rise again
My creed
Prisoners in Paradise
Not by life of most
In my silence
She-wolf named Tania
The crow
Immoral passion
And enemy, and friend, and pain, and God
In the endless search for a route...
There is no entry
In the endless search for a route...
By dreams
To be a wing
It seems as if somewhere
Shadows in silence
Slamming the door to the past
Fly, soul...
A question mark
In the search
The beginning of this story
But I brought more...
Mysterious mystic
A wood nymph
Beautiful Death
The sign that did not return the faith
Look for as I was looking for
A mark
The capital of Damned Souls
Vampire's confessions
People invented Paradise
Night Surrealism
And would you embrace clouds?
Dreams of dolphins
Moon in the crow sky
But I broke our time
Piano in the rain
You scream from photos
Two most stupid words
Go away
Piano in the rain
Къде ти намираме?
Real fake
Our imaginary
Real fake
It makes a mockery of
Wicked Angel
A virus of dupes
Desert city
The world is full of contradictions
The illusion of first
The shadow of alive flesh
What's the point?
No less than anything, no more than someone
The underwater stone
The blade of time
Stay (in memory Hideto Matsumoto)
Echo of mourning for ambiguity
Age of loneliness
Autumn breath
Time does not notice us
Nineteenth summer
Closer to the sky
Eternity (unfinished)
Eternal questions
Just one question
Drunken tears
We are points on the coil
At one time
Once again, a letter
The button LOVE (On/Off)
You feel love at your fingertips...
Only you decide
To the hundredth star
Don't kill
Autumn dreams
Before last spring
Why do you need my reciprocity?
Untitled (Met for so many times)
Deserted scene
You gave me fire
One sunset for two people
Poetry is not about love
Promised nights
I crossed a photo
I'm not your friend
Don't be afraid... (feat. Kish [Room 406])
Why do people love? (feat. el-torito)
The meaning of moments
Such strange lights...
To my precious Muse
Simple rhyme
Is all the same
Dirty mark
The song breaks into pieces
Through the smoke of LD
By fantasy of one absurd idea
A dull melody
Moon cames up behind my wings
Drops of reflections
I'm sorry for everything that has missed
Will live again
The meaning of moments
Will live forever
City (feat. Sergey Papin-Sibiryak)
Today and now
The glory of rebel
For the space in eyes
Just find each other
The war inside
The child in us
Nameless star
You lied to me, Muse
I give you a shot
Beat sounds
The nameless song
Deaf dog's barking
Quarrel with conscience
Pathetic freaks
A whore
From those around you
Strong and broken
Near different camps
We will be changed too
And I don't be anymore...
She went... You didn't say anything...
Diary (sketches)
Discordantly (sketches)
没 (sketch)
My mind knew the person (sketch)
Gackt - 自白 Jihaku [RUS translation]